Alteration of Brain Tissue Metabolism Assessed by 1H-MRS in Patterns Treated for NSCLC

Issue: Vol.3, No.4 - October 2004

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Article Type: Manuscript

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  1. Dr T Rutkowski
    Radiotherapy Department, Centre of Oncology, Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Institute,
  2. A Cichon
  3. M Sokol
  4. A Zajusz
  5. R Tarnawski

Aim: To assess the brain tissue metabolism using 1 H-MRS, in patients treated for NSCLC.

Material and Methods: The studied group consisted of 34 patients with NSCLC treated with radical intention in the Center of Oncology Maria Sktodowska-Curia Memorial Institute in Gliwice. 1H-MRS single voxel spectra were acquired from frontal (FL) and occipital lobes (OL). The control group consisted of 30 healthy volunteers (CG).

Results: NAA/Cr was significantly lower, Cho/Cr and Cho/NAA were significantly elevated particularly in FL. Considerable elevated Lac/NAA and Lip/NAA were observed in FL and OL.

Conclusion: Brain metabolism is significantly changed in patients with NSCLC. At the time being is difficult to predict the practical value of proposed diagnostic approach. Thus, further study is needed to establish mechanism underlying observed alteration. This is crucial particularly for long survivors for proper prevention and treatment.

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