Angiogenseis in Breast Cancer: Association with P53 Status

Issue: Vol.3, No.4 - October 2004

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Article Type: Manuscript

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  1. Fourati Asma
    Service Immuno-Histo Cytologie Place Bab Saadoun
  2. Khomsi Fathi
  3. Michele El May
  4. Rahal Khaled
  5. Ben Abdallah Mansour
  6. Ahmed El May

Aim: Angiogenesis is significant prognostic factor in breast cancer, but the factors that control angiogenesis invivo are not well defined. The purpose of this study was to investigate P53 expression in breast cancer and to examine the relationship between P53 over expression and the degree of angiogenesis.

Methods: A total of 52 paraffin-embedded tumors were evaluated immuno-histochemically for the expression of P53 and CD34 angiogenesis factor.

Results: Majority of P53 positive cases (82%) demonstrated high level of micro-vessel density (MVD); 118% demonstrated no CD 34 expression. In contrast there was no variation in the CD34 expression among P53 negative tumors.

Conclusion: This data suggests that micro-vessel density is promoted by P53 over-expression in breast cancer, and is correlated with high histologic grade.

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