Effectiveness of a three-day Training the Trainers Course in Improving Participants’ Confidence in Teaching Communication Skills Courses to SeniorHealthcare Professionals Working with Cancer Patients

Issue: Vol.10, No.3 - July 2011

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Article Type: Manuscript

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  1. Dr Susie Wilkinson
    Department of Mental Health Sciences Royal Free
    University CollegernMedical School Rowland

Effective communication is a core clinical skill which can be taught. Communication skills training is dependant upon adept facilitation by trained facilitators. There is a dearth of literature addressing facilitator training. This study evaluated the effectiveness of a three-day Training the Trainers course in its ability to change participants’ confidence in facilitating an advanced 3 day communication skills course for senior healthcare professionals in cancer care (ACST).

Fifty-six cancer care healthcare professionals participated in a multi-centred survey in 6 different locations across the UK. The primary outcome was the change post-course in
the participants’ level of confidence. The secondary outcome was the course evaluation.

There was a significant increase in total confidence scores from 6.5 pre-course to 7.9 post-course (t=9.9, p<0.001). Forty-eight (91%) participants had improved confidence scores, 1 the same and 4 had worse. The course was well evaluated.

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