About the Journal

Austral-Asian Journal of Cancer  (AJC) ISSN-0972-2556 established in 2000, is the first international cancer journal published from Asia and Australia. This journal is a multidisciplinary oncology journal covering all aspects of cancer treatment, research, supportive care and palliative care. The journal has 9 editorial offices is affiliated to and released International Research Promotion Council (IRPC) Bangalore- India; Kuwait Cancer Control Center- Kuwait; Griffith University- Australia; CQUniversity - Australia; Gunma University-Japan and University of Patras Medical School, Patras, Greece.

The AJC's primary objective is the dissemination of information regarding cancer research, treatment and best-practice supportive care and palliative care between resource rich and resource limited countries. The journal facilitates this objective by providing Open-Access content, having geographically and culturally diverse editorial offices and encouraging researchers from all countries to submit their research publications.

Austral-Asian Journal of Cancer (AJC) is a self-supportive, open-access multidisciplinary, peer reviewed international cancer journal. It is governed by an Editorial and Scientific Advisory board of international experts and has an open and transparent publication process as described in Information for Authors.

The Austral-Asian Journal of Cancer is published by Researchman Publishers.

Key Contacts:

Chief Editor: Prof Thomas Koilaparmpil, Chief Coordinator, International Research Promotion Council (IRPC)

Chief Operating Officer: Mr Hamish Holewa, Project Director and Manager, Quadrant, +61 7 3295 1183

Dr. Mohammad A. Al-Jarallah Kuwait Dr. Thomas Koilparampil India
Dr. Pam McGrath Australia Dr. Gong Li China
Dr. Alan B. Weitberg USA Dr. Takashi Nakano Japan
Dr. Costas Giannakenas Greece Prof. Liang Cheng USA

Regional Editors contact details can be found at Editorial Board