AJC and Open Access

Mon, 22 Aug 2011

AJC and Open Access

The AJC is an international multidisciplinary cancer journal collaboratively published from Asia and Australia. It covers all aspects of cancer treatment and research. The AJC has nine editorial offices, including offices in Australia, India, China, USA, Kuwait, Scandinavia and Poland.

The AJC is an open access journal that works to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and information between developed and developing countries. In recognition of the high barriers to publishing in some Open-Access journals, the AJC does not charge publication or author fees.

The AJC thanks all of its editorial and institutional members for their support and allowing the AJC to be Open-Access and to achieve its aim of disseminating information on cancer research and treatment to scientists and institutions all over the world, especially to those in developing and under-developed countries, at an affordable cost.

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