Anastomotic Leak as a Surrogate Marker for Shorter Disease Free Survival in Gastro Intestinal Malignancies

Issue: Vol.9, No.1 - January 2010

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Article Type: Manuscript

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  1. Dr A.V.S Suresh Attili
    Department of Medical Oncology, Kidwai memorial institute of Oncology
  2. C Ramachandra
  3. P.S Prabhakaran
  4. V Ravichandra
  5. P.P Varma
  6. C Obula Reddy

Objective: Anastomotic leak has long been identified as an independent risk factor for early relapses and overall diminished survival in colon cancer patients. However its significance in other GI malignancies was not studied in detail.

Methods: We evaluated cases from September 2003 to 2004. It is a retrospective study to evaluate the outcome of patients having anstomotic leak in different GI malignancies. All the patients with leak have been enrolled as patients. We have chosen one control, who had been operated at the closest time having similar clinical stage and other prognostic factors as per the malignancy. The disease free survival was calculated and compared.

Results: All the baseline parameters were similar in both groups. We found that the risk of relapse is 6.8 times more in patients having anastomotic leak compared to those who did not have a leak (95% CI 3.8- 16.8). The risk is uniform in all types of GI malignancies.

Conclusion: It is observed that anastomotic leak in patients of GI malignancies predicts poor DFS. It warrants an attention to surgical detail to reduce anastomotic leak to achieve better results in oncological surgery.

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