Comparison of 5-Flourouracil and Leucovorin, Versus 5-Flourouracil, Leucovorin and Oxaliplatin in Metastatic Colorectal Malignancy

Issue: Vol.6, No.1 - January 2007

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Article Type: Manuscript

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  1. Dr Vinay Vyas
    Senior Registrar, Department of Medical Oncology, Kuwait Cancer Control Centre
  2. Shriram V Nath
  3. Kirti M Patel
  4. Pankaj M Shah
  5. Shilin N Shukla
  6. Bharat J Parikh
  7. Asha S Anand
  8. Shailesh S Talati
  9. Sandip A Shah
  10. Bhavesh Parekh
  11. Harsha P Panchal
  12. Apurva A Patel
  13. Sanjay Thuruthal
  14. Parthiv Mehta

Subjects: From March 1999 to September 2000, 32 patients were enrolled, 15 in the arm A containing 5-flourouracil & leucovorin & 17 in the arm B containing 5-FU, LCV and oxaliplatin.

Results: No complete response was observed in either of the arms. Partial response was seen in 27% in arm A & 33.3% in arm B. The median duration of progression free period in partial responders in arm A is 90 days & in arm B is 150 days. In arm A median overall survival was 8 months & in arm B it is 10 months, the difference however is not statistically significant as observed by log rank test (p=0.2342).

Conclusion: in the present study, the addition of oxaliplatin to standard Mayo regimen of 5-FU and LCV increases the response rate, median progression free survival & overall survival.

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