Profile: Dr. Jingcheng Zheng

Issue: Vol.6, No.2 - April 2007

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Dr. Jingcheng Zheng, an expert in the field of cancer research and hospital administration is currently deputy president of General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces (GHCAPE), Professor in the Department of Oncology, Chief Medical Officer of the Chinese International Medical Rescue Team.

Dr. Zheng graduated from Xinjiang Medical University of China in 1983 and he focused on the subject of Hospital Administration and obtained his master degree at the Logistics Command College.  In 1997, he founded the cancer center of the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces which was one of the biggest cancer center in military medical institution of China and the cancer center could treat more than 1000 patients every year.  From 1992 to 2006, Dr. Zheng visited some countries for academic exchanges or attend international oncology conference.  He had published four books which introduced the advance of medical oncology and experience of his practice on cancer treatment.  He also concentrates on other medical science such as emergency medicine, hospital administration and so on.  Dr. Zheng published more than 50 scientific research papers on international and Chinese medical journal.  Because of Dr.Zheng’s excellent work, the Cancer Center of General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces has established good relationships with many institutions from USA, India, France, Japan, Pakistan, Australia and so on. 

In addition to his research and academic responsibilities, Dr. Zheng currently serves as the member of information administration of Chinese Administrative Committee, of the First Aid and Resuscitation Committee of Chinese Physician Association of the CAPF’s Science Technology Committee.  Furthermore, he also was the reviewer of several military publications.  Now he holds the post of vice chief editor of Chinese Medical Teaching and Clinic, and as the member of CAPF Medical journal.  He also devotes himself to teach and to train medical post-graduate students.  Now Dr. Zheng is leading a vigorous medical team consisting of radiation oncologists and medical oncologists to offer the best treatment for cancer patients.  Most patients are from China, but some foreign patients come to receive treatment become Dr. Zheng could apply Chinese medicine to these patients.

Dr. Zheng received many medical science research awards and honor due to his great scientific achievements in the field of oncology and hospital administration.  He was awarded the Outstanding Hospital Administrators Official of Beijing.  He also made great contributions to Chinese International Medical Rescue Team and health service, so Chinese State Council awarded him the First Prize in 2006.

Dr. Zheng’s specialty include radiation induced disease and the integrated traditional and western medicine for carcinoma.






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